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    In 2016, Jack created his twitch channel which was originally named Daskelelele.

    In the beginning it was just Jack streaming online slots and casino solo. After 3 years of building his channel and brand he decided to introduce long-time friend Philip to the stream and join him on his journey! Over the next 2 years the stream continued to grow and build an incredible community, it was at this point that Jack decided to take it to the next level! This was when Marcus was invited to the team.

    In 2021 it was time to say goodbye to Daskelelele and hello to Spinlife.

    With huge passion and experience for gambling, the Spinlife team are dedicated to delivering the best casino content possible for the community! Their main mission is to offer all fellow gamblers out there only the very best casino bonuses, game reviews and casino content possible.

    They also promote responsible play and take pride in providing content for people who no longer want to gamble themselves but still enjoy the gambling community / content.

    Gambling should always be fun and they are here to have a good time within their limits whilst providing entertaining content along the way!

    From the very start, they have engaged in a long-lasting relationships with viewers, readers and partners alike. This allows their brand to become trust-worthy and well respected within the community.

    Since they have begun streaming, they have been able to expand and grow, allowing followers from around the globe to enjoy their content! Their aim is to continue this growth and build on their community every day.

    Spinlife aim to be the best content creators they can possibly be and that isn’t possible without YOU!

    So thank you to each and every one of you who joined the journey of Daskelelele, we hope that you stay with us during our next chapter.

    Welcome to Spinlife

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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